Transition Patrol Alloy Storm Grey


275 Wheels 170/160mm Travel do-it-all 2018 Bike of the Year!


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How do you improve on winning 2016 mountain bike of the year? Easy, do it again the following year by adding more control, more confidence and more party. The award winning Patrol is our most popular bike and continues to push the boundaries of what you can ride on a long travel trail bike. An efficient well mannered ascender that immediately switches into pure party mode on the way down. Speed Balanced Geometry allows us to create an extremely slack and aggressive bike that actually improves front wheel traction going uphill while keeping the bike calm and composed at high speeds through extremely technical terrain.

“Vital MTB is stoked to give the new Transition Patrol the Shreddy Award for Bike of the Year. This refined, 27.5-inch-wheeled long-travel ripper has been recreated from head to toe, improving on an already amazing ride.” –

“Following extensive back-to-back testing I can confidently say that Transition’s SBG-equipped bikes will likely lead the next wave in the continued evolution of bicycle geometry. They provide such an intuitive and controlled experience that my riding game goes up a few notches. That’s real progress. Looking the bike over, nearly every aspect of an already awesome frame has been updated, tweaked, or tuned for 2018. This is Transition 2.0, and it’s awesome.” – Brandon Turman

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